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Home Inspection - Mold


An affordable visual home inspection by Tim Shaffer, a trained and certified mold inspector, uncovers even subtle mold problems. Having inspected over 2,500 houses over the past two decades, Tim brings a level of experience you can count on to help find and solve your indoor air quality issues.

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Air Testing - Mold


An indoor air test takes only 5 minutes and reveals whether your air quality is affected by mold--even a hidden mold problem. Lab analysis is typically ready in 48 hours. NOTE: Air test analysis can be expanded to include other airborne particulates such as pollen count, skin fragments, and pet dander.

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Surface Testing - Mold


Do you see discoloration in your home? Perhaps on a basement wall or some other surface? A quick surface test and lab analysis will tell you exactly what type of mold it is--or whether it is mold at all. Lab analysis is typically reported within 48 hours.

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Mold Remediation

Price Varies

If you have a significant mold problem in your home or building, it may be a good idea to have it cleaned up by a professional. We thoroughly inspect your home and present you with a formal proposal for mold remediation. We follow safe and accepted practices to solve your problem, so you can breathe easy.

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Surface Testing - Methamphetamine


Meth labs in houses leave a host of problems, not the least of which is dangerous chemicals in the surfaces of the home. Surface testing reveals whether your home contains these chemicals; and Dedicated Environmental will help guide you to making your environment safe again.

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Methamphetamine Abatement

Price Varies

Once it has been determined that the surfaces in your home contain residual amounts of methamphetamine or other chemicals, a professional cleanup is needed. Dedicated Environmental will thoroughly inspect the building and present you with a formal abatement proposal. You can be confident that we will safely resolve the problem and make your environment safe again.

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